Plan your Light the Night event

How you choose to Light the Night is limited only by your imagination.

A family dinner party, a sunset barbeque with close friends… a twilight picnic in the backyard? It’s up to you!

If you are hosting the evening – download our complete guide to Light the Night to help you plan your special night.

Fundraising Guide

Fundraise for your lantern

When you raise $100 or more – you’ll be on the list to receive an official lantern to light on the night. We’ll start sending lanterns out on 18 September until 2 October – so start fundraising right away!

Personal fundraising webpage

Your page is created when you sign up. Your friends and family can visit your page to donate and post messages of encouragement. Your personal page must have $100 or more by 18 September to receive a lantern.

Social posts to share

We’ve created sharable posts to help you spread the word and reach your fundraising target. Remember that sharing your own words and photos are always the most powerful way to inspire donations.

Help if you need it

Our friendly team of fundraising support people are here to help you in any way you need. We love chatting with you so please call us or chat with us! We can’t wait to meet you.

Unlock badges and milestones as you fundraise

You’ve made the pledge

You've earned your first badge by signing up to Light the Night and pledging to shine a light on blood cancer.

Light up Australia Badge

You’re on a roll now! You’ve raised your first dollar, and you’re on your way to reaching your goal.

Hope Badge

You’ve raised $100 – that's enough to give a family a home away from home close to life-saving treatment for more than a night.

You’ve also been put on the list to receive an official lantern if you reach this goal before September 18th.

Knowledge Badge

You've raised $340! This covers important genetic testing to help researchers better understand the cause of blood cancers so we can potentially prevent it.

Bight Spark Badge

By raising over $500, you’ve given nearly a week of accommodation to a family facing a blood cancer who live far away from life-saving treatment.

Bright Light Badge

Your fundraising has reached $1,000!
This incredible amount will allow for a tube gene test with state-of-the-art technology to narrow down the exact blood cancer that a patient is facing so they have the best chance of survival.

Bight Star Badge

You've raised an incredible $5,000. That means you just covered three months of laboratory costs for a research project that is working to discover better treatments for blood cancer!

Shooting Star Badge

By raising $10,000, you’ll hold a special place in our heart and help to fund a PhD scholarship recipient working on breakthrough research for three months.

Bright fundraisers

When you reach $500, you’ll become a beautiful, bright fundraiser.

Here’s what you’ll receive at each bright fundraising level – with infinite thanks.

You will receive:

Bright Spark

Raise $500

Bright Light

Raise $1,000

Bright Star

Raise $5,000

Shooting Star

Raise $10,000
2020 Bright Fundraiser pin

Personalised social tiles to share

Exclusive phone background image

Your name on the website

Website news story feature with photo

Social post of website news story

Ceremony video name mention (*subject to change)

In person or virtual tour to see your support in action when it is safe to do so

See the current list of Bright Fundraisers

How to receive donations


If people donate directly to your fundraising page, it goes straight to the bank and tallies up against your fundraising total. So, make sure you are always sharing your fundraising page and link.

In Cash

If people give you cash, login to pay-in cash with your own credit card or PayPal or use online or phone banking to pay in with BPAY. The BPAY details and your reference number are on the pay-in cash page of your fundraising portal.


Look the part and make your event shine with official merchandise.

Official Light the Night T-shirts, hats, glow-in-the-dark laces and other merchandise are available from our online shop to help you look the part!

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