How you can Light the Night in your own special way.

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0 Australians are shining a light on blood cancer.

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110 days until we Light the Night

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Light the Night is on Saturday, 10 October 2020.

Register to host a light the night event

You can host a twilight gathering with your loved ones in your own special way on Saturday, 10 October.

Make sure you invite those close to you to join your Light the Night – you can easily do this as an option when you register.


Register to join an existing Light the Night planned by a loved one.

If you know someone already hosting a Light the Night event, register to join their group!

Choose which colour best represents your blood cancer story

White symbolises your own blood cancer journey.
Gold symbolises a loved one lost to blood cancer.
Blue symbolises your support for those affected by blood cancer.

Tell your story


Your story will light up Australia and shine a light on blood cancer.

When you share your story – it shows others bravely facing blood cancer that they are not alone.

Your story is also the most powerful way to encourage donations that will help families doing it tough through blood cancer.

Create your lantern

Lantern orders have been finalised to make sure they can arrive in time.

If you missed out on an official lantern you can still be part of the ceremony.

You can light a candle or make your own special DIY lantern.

The most important thing is that you are part of the night.

Most people proudly raise $350 for Light the Night.

In a time when families facing blood cancer need the Leukaemia Foundation most – COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the donations needed to help families who are doing it tough through treatment.

Your fundraising will make a wonderful difference!

Plan your event

How you choose to host your Light the Night event at home is limited only by your imagination...

You can host a fancy dinner party, a casual sunset barbeque with close mates or a cosy twilight picnic in the backyard. It’s entirely up to you!

As long as you have an internet connection, a screen and a light to shine – you can join this special moment.