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Read the latest media stories about the people who Light the Night, blood cancer research and the 2020 Light the Night event.

Mackenzie's Blood Cancer Triumph
A month after her second birthday, Mackenzie was diagnosed with blood cancer. In a heartbeat, the shock diagnosis had turned the lives of her parents Brenton and Tanya Butterworth, and her ...
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Fifteen-month-old Flynn's Fight for his Family
Blood cancer diagnoses radically transform lives. They can force people to leave their homes, to leave work, to leave their daily life behind as they begin their journeys of treatment. For F...
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A Life-Changing Morning: Brett's Blood Cancer Battle
On Valentine's Day 2018, 26-year-old Brett Conley (pictured left) unknowingly left her Melbourne apartment for what would be the last time that year. Since Christmas, she had been suffering...
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Motherhood, Meaningful Moments and AML: Sharon's Blood Cancer Journey
In 2016, Sharon Frazer would walk fifteen kilometres a day through her surrounding Sydney suburbs. She was a healthy, happy and highly busy mum to four children going through school. She had...
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In 2020, Australians will Light the Night in their own special way – from home.

In its 13th year, Australia’s most important event for the blood cancer community, Light the Night has changed significantly to adapt to a COVID world.

With thousands of Australians impacted by blood cancer, usually gathering at large events in each capital city, COVID-19 has meant that the event now looks inward. To our homes.

On Saturday, October 10, registrants for Light the Night will be encouraged to host their own private events and share photos and stories on social media to keep the blood cancer community connected.

Registrants are asked to fundraise at least $100 each to receive a coloured lantern to light on the night.

Each lantern shines with its own special meaning:

White lantern

For their own blood cancer journey

Gold lantern

To remember a loved one lost to blood cancer

Blue lantern

To show support for those affected by blood cancer.

As darkness falls – thousands of Australians will gather around their screens to be part of a beautiful streamed lantern lighting ceremony – in a shared moment of hope and unity for a future free of blood cancer.

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Fast facts about blood cancer

  • Blood cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in Australia and the most commonly diagnosed childhood cancer.
  • More than 110,000 people are living with blood cancer or a related blood disorder in Australia today.
  • Every year, more than 15,000 Australians will be newly diagnosed with blood cancer such as leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. This is equivalent to 41 people every day or one person every 36 minutes.
  • Blood cancer is on the rise. Over the past ten years, the incidence of blood cancer has increased by approximately 30%.
  • More support for Australians living with blood cancer is urgently needed, as we brace for the numbers to soar to 235,000 by 2035.
  • More research is needed to understand the causes of blood cancer and to find better treatments and ultimately, a cure.
  • People living with blood cancer have the best chance to survive and to live well when they are diagnosed quickly and treated with the best therapies for their specific type of cancer.
  • Blood cancer does not discriminate. It can develop in anyone, can occur at any age and at any stage of life.

Resources and media contacts

We have many individuals who are willing to share their story about why they will Light the Night. We can give you more information about:

  • The event (history, changes in 2020, money raised, copy for diary dates)
  • Human Interest stories (including photo opportunities)
  • The impact of blood cancer (stats and facts)
  • The Leukaemia Foundation (what we stand for and how we help)

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